Born to Stand out


Being born in a family of educators, I was predestined to be a doctor. My Grandpa wanted my dad to become a surgeon which he couldn’t so I was the next in line to fulfil his dreams.
When I was small I wanted to be a pilot, basketball player, a teacher & what not. My parents always encouraged me to do whatever I liked. They were very supportive of my decisions even if I changed them the next minute. My dad always said “Be whatever you want to be but make sure you’re happy being that”.
That always stuck with me. My main aim was to be happy and then think about the things that followed.
I was a bright student throughout. After I completed my master’s I knew I had to go for Ph.D as my dad was a Ph.D in cancer biology. Just saying this makes me perspire! 😛 I applied for an internship at a highly reputed hospital. But after working there for two months, I realized that this wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. This job didn’t make me happy.
I discussed it with my parents and they supported me. For 2 long years I was unemployed, trying to find a place in this world. My friends had landed themselves great jobs & were earning great while I was still trying to figure out my life. Then one day my mom asked me why I had stopped writing & I had no answer. I remembered how much I loved reading & writing but cause of the time crunch I stopped writing all together.
I started writing again & soon I got an offer to write a brochure for a company. They liked it so much that they hired me! 🙂 Now I’m working as their Social Media Manager. My boss is the most humble and helping guy I’ve ever met!
I know this incredible girl who blogs (you can read her amazing blogs here) & taking inspiration from her, I started blogging. I’m very much into fashion & travelling, I started my blog where I talk about fashion, travel stories & food (these being my avocations). Currently I manage 4 blogs (you can read them here, here & here) & I can’t tell you how much happy it makes me when I write. My parents are so proud of me. I chose not to become a doctor but instead chose to follow my mom’s footsteps (She’s a freelance writer).
So don’t do what others want you to do instead choose something that doesn’t make you feel that you’re working. Do something that gives you the life you wanted to lead when you were a kid. The life that gives you immense happiness and contentment.


Much love,


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