Brogues Love!!

Ever since I saw somebody wearing these amazing brogues, I knew I had to own a pair! 😛 Thence, began my search for an exceptional pair of brogues. Wherever I looked, I was disappointed. Either my size wasn’t available or the color was too bright or they weren’t comfortable. I thought of giving up. 😦 But as they say a step ahead lies success where you give up!


I stumbled upon Clarks website and found these splendid pair of bone colored brogues. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it was love at first sight1 😛 But my heart sank when I looked at its price. I was almost broke since I had spent all my salary on winter clothes, socks, make up ( to name a few :-D) I felt as if nothing could fill this void that these shoes left!


I would spend the whole day staring at these shoes, awaiting a miracle. And guess what, my prayers were answered! 🙂 A few days later, I saw that these shoes were on sale and if things couldn’t get better, they were available in my size.


Without wasting any precious second, I placed an order. The original price was 4000 INR but I got them for 2000 INR. They were delivered to me in a week.


Now I can’t get over it. I flaunt them at every occasion! 😉 And they have attracted quite a lot of attention! 🙂 Don’t they look alluring? Well, finally I found my perfect pair of brogues!

Much love,



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