Rozana Bakery

It was my friend’s birthday & we realized that we had forgotten to order a cake! 😦 Disappointed, we started running hither & thither looking for a bakery. Someone told us that there was one right around the corner. Without wasting a single minute, we ran.


Upon reaching there, we were blown out of our minds with the wide variety of confectionaries at the bakery! You name it, they had it! From cakes to pasteries, from pasta to patties, from rolls to chocolates & everything was fresh. It seemed as if we had entered paradise. The staff there was so cordial and patient with us although we literally went crazy thinking what to buy and what not to!




We finally rounded up on a pineapple cake, a few chocolates, patties & arabiata pasta (they made the pasta infront of us) :-). Everything was decently priced and that came as a shocker! The pineapple cake just melted in the mouth! Calling it delicious would be an understatement! I have NEVER in my life had pineapple cake that delectable! The pasta was perfect to my palate, the patties were exceptionally fresh, good & appetizing!


Well, all of us totally loved the place and we shall be going there soon! They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So keep drooling! 😉

Big thumbs up to Rozana Bakery! 🙂

Much love,


Address: Rozana Bakery, J-Block Market, Saket, New Delhi-110017


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