Dressing up for Christmas

It was my friend’s birthday on 19th but since we all were working that day, we decided to celebrate it on 25th as we knew all the malls would be immaculately decked up with decorations. The main motive was obviously getting pics clicked with the festive decorations. 😛

It was mutually agreed that all of us would wear red, going by the spirit of the day.

IMG-20141227-WA0009 (1)

In this pic, my friend is wearing a beautiful red colored jacket & a red colored top from United Colors of Benetton. She looked very pretty with her well- kempt hair.


Here, the birthday girl is seen wearing a red dress from Pantaloons and a black coat from Lifestyle. Well, I was just bowled over by her dress.


I wore a red colored dress (the dress is thrifted) with a check long coat. Keeping in mind the weather the coat was more of a forced thing than a choice. These boots are my fav footwear at the moment so it was quite obvious I’d wear them. 😛 You can read about the boots in this blog.


I hope you liked reading it We had a great time and bought a lot of make up which will be written on soon. Keep reading this space for more! 🙂
I know it’s late but still Merry Christmas! 🙂

Much love,



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