Shoe Fetish!!

It might be quite evident from my last few posts how crazy I am about footwear. 😛 Well, it all began when I was just two years old. It was my first trip to the mall. My mom went to a shoe store to buy herself a new pair of shoes. As soon as we purchased the shoes and reached the door, a siren went off. The guard at the gate smiled and pointed at my hand. My mom looked & was befuddled to see me holding a shoe in my hand! 😀 Yes, I had picked up a red belly (not even my size) from the store, apparently cause I loved it. We went back to the manager to clear the mess but he was more than amused and informed my mom that he knew we would come back cause I had picked up only one shoe. >:)

So that’s how began my shoe madness. Wherever I went, I bought a pair of shoes. Shoes are, undoubtedly, my first love. If I’m happy, I buy, if I’m sad, I buy, whenever I get my salary I straightway head to Clarks, Carlton London, Forever 21. Shoes give me a boost! 😛 I know most people don’t understand it & my family and friends think I’m crazy. But nothing deters me from pampering myself with a new pair of shoes. 🙂

I’ll let the pictures do the talking 😀

Shoes 067-1-1Tan Shoes, Clarks

IMG-20141222-WA0009Brogues, Clarks


Black boots, GetGlamr (


Red wedges, Flee market


Put ons from Jaipur


Black embellished lace ups, Westside




Brogues, Westside


Sandles from Jaipur


Beach Slippers, Flee Market

Shoes 072

Hope you enjoyed the blog,




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