Big Yellow Door!!

My friend and I were roaming like hungry monsters in Satya Niketan looking for a food joint. We came across this place at called Big Yellow Door. A lot of our friends had recommended us to eat here as they found it to be exceptional and since the rats in our stomach couldn’t take it anymore & we went inside.

Carnival 092 copy

The place was very cozy, dimly lit up and warm (which is what we need in winter). It was packed with people from all age-groups which spoke volumes about it’s popularity. We had to wait for 10 mins before we were directed towards a table. Quiet place, the decor was just fabulous, different from the usual stuff you see.


Carnival 112 copy

We ordered baked cheese nachos, oreo shakes & a chicken arabiata pasta (penne)

Carnival 096 copy

Carnival 104 copy

Carnival 117(1) copy

The service was exceptional. The cheese from the nachos was just flowing everywhere. It was a delight to the eyes & the tummy too. Damn, the dish was delicious. The oreo shake sent me into a trance! 😛 I forgot where I was completely. The pasta was piping hot & luscious. It had chunks of chicken & good amount of white sauce which I totally loved.

Carnival 110 copy

The whole meal cost us 505 INR (inclusive of taxes). The pocket and the stomach both screamed with joy! I would visit the place very soon! Big thumbs to BYD! I recommend it to all my friends to visit and enjoy the food & ambience & forget about the world! 🙂

Address: H-8B Vijay Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009

Much love,



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