I’m back with yet another look that I flaunted recently. 🙂

Every girl who keenly follows fashion knows what an LBD is! 🙂 For those who are are unfamiliar with the term, well, an LBD is a little black dress. An LBD is a must in every girl’s wardrobe, according to me. One can never have enough of them.

22-3-2014 02-1

I had purchased this dress a few months back but didn’t get a chance to wear it. So when an invite for party came, my happiness knew no bounds as it meant my LBD would see daylight! 😛 I love it cause it’s not too loud but yet wouldn’t go unnoticed! 😉 Black is everyone’s color. It suits all  skin tones and frames. Black can make one look taller and leaner which is what we, girls, want! 😛


I was all set to rock the party with my LBD and red wedges! So all the girls out, take out your LBDs and get parting!! 🙂

22-3-2014 024-1-1

Hope you liked the overall look! 🙂




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