Yo China!!

Get togethers are the best time to gorge on tasty food while meeting your fav people. 🙂 Recently our girl gang decided to meet and have a blast since it had been quite long we met.

We decided to go for chinese and what better than Yo China to fulfil that craving! As luck would have it, we got a booth which made us extremely happy as now our photo and gossip session could be done with ease! 😉

After having a good look at the menu, we ordered hakka noodles, manchurian gravy, honey chilli potatoes and strawberry mojitos.

C 042 - Copy

Christmas 067 - Copy copy

Christmas 065 - Copy(1) copy

Christmas 068 - Copy copy

Boy was the food tasty or what! No one spoke a word while eating and that speaks volumes about the food! 😛 The food was extremely sumptuous and absolutely satiated! The whole meal cost us INR 1500 which was quite reasonable!!

It’s one of my fav places whenever I plan to eat chinese.

Hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂




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