Henderson Silk!!

Sale and shoes are two words that can cheer me up at any time of the day and when they are spoken in the same breath, I go in a trance. 😛

After reaching home from office on Saturday, a friend informed me that Clarks was having a sale!! 😀 I dropped my bag, grabbed my wallet & car keys and literally ran to the parking lot! Upon reaching, I was lost for words. Every pair was calling out to me. I felt like a little girl in dreamland! 🙂

I can be a pain in the neck while buying shoes cause I may ask for 20 pairs and not buy one if they don’t appeal to me!! But the sales boy patiently got me every shoe I asked for. I was so confused what to buy & what not to! 😦

Finally, my eyes fell on these beautiful tan shoes. Henderson Silk were priced at INR 4999 but since it was 50% sale, they became mine for just INR 2499! 🙂 These are my second pair from Henderson range. You can read about the first in this blog.

Shoes 042

They are extremely comfortable flat shoes, which is good for me cause I’m tall. The shoes can be worn with any kind of outfit! The color of the shoes complement all colors of ensembles!

Shoes 068-1-1

I spent my Sunday flaunting these and getting complimented! I’m irrevocably in love with my new tan shoes! 😛

Shoes 049-1-1-1

Clarks is my favorite shoe store and it never disappoints me! 🙂

Shoes 067-1-1I hope you liked my latest buy!

Much love,





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