Rohtang Pass!!

Rohtang is a high mountain pass on the eastern Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas around 51 km (32 mi) from Manali. (You can read about Manali in this blog) It connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul & Spiti Valleys of Himachal Pradesh, India. Manali-Leh Highway, a part of NH 21, transverses Rohtang Pass. The pass provides a natural divide between the humid Kullu Valley with a primarily Hindu culture (in the south), and the arid high-altitude Lahaul & Spiti valleys with Buddhist culture (in the north). The pass lies on the watershed between the Chenab and Beas basins. On the southern side of this pass, the Beas River emerges from underground and flows southward and on its northern side, the Chandra River (flows from the eastern Himalayas), a source stream of the river Chenab, flows westward. The pass is open from May to November. It has a well-deserved reputation for being dangerous because of unpredictable snowstorms and blizzards.

trip 583

We had to hire an SUV to go to Rohtang. It cost us INR 500 per person which was quite reasonable. Our driver was a local so we thoroughly enjoyed the stories he narrated to us about this impeccable place. The drive to Rohtang is breath-taking, greenary at the lower altitudes and as you ascend, the snow laden mountains of the Himalayan Range.  The roads leading to Rohtang Pass are quite steep so its always better to hire a local driver than driving there yourself.


Since the roads are narrow, you’d experience traffic jams a lot. We did too, we had to wait in the same spot for about an hour! 😦 But we knew exactly how to make use to this time, we got our DSLR out and started clicking pictures. 😛 The view was astouding with the white background but it can be dangerous so make sure an adult is there to make sure of the safety measures.

trip 766

When we reached Rohtang, we were lost for words. Wherever we looked there was snow. On the roads, mountains, near the parking, everywhere! The wind gushed making loud noises scaring the little ones there. All of us raced to the highest peak but everytime we tried we tumbled down! 😀 It was such an amusement for all of us. Giggling, falling, trying to get up again and slipping back was food for soul. 🙂

trip 778

We stayed there for just 45mins but we had become stone cold by then. On our back, we saw horses on the main road! Ebony black & brown color just made them look imaculate. There is a waterfall on the ride from the Rohtang Pass to Manali. We stopped there to dip our feet in the chilly water! 🙂

trip 893


trip 924

We returned with loads of pictures & memories deeply etched in our minds! 🙂

Much love,

ASP 🙂 


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