Lakme Absolute Matte!!

Hello or as we say in India, Namaste! 🙂 I’m back with yet another cosmetic that I recently bought and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I had been meaning to buy a red lipstick for a really long time but I just couldn’t find one that would suit my skin tone. I had ordered one online and the choice turned out to be horrendous 😦 So I was sure that this time I would go to a store and choose one.

Since my skin is very sensitive, I try to stick to the brands that I’ve tried. Lakme has never disappointed me and it is my mum’s and my first choice. 🙂 She has been using Lakme products every since I was a kid and she vouches for it everytime. So, I went to the Lakme store and was quite impressed with their range of lipsticks. I wanted to play safe so I tried a few shades from browns to reds before deciding on this one.

H2 096

This is from the Lakme Absolute range. It has a matte finish which I liked a lot. The shade is called RedHot (one of the factors which made me go for it :-P)

H3 097

It suited my skintone to the T & stayed on for hours. I received quite a few compliments from my family and friends for such a glow on my face! ;-). For them, I turned from the girl next-door to this stylish diva! 🙂

It is priced at 525 INR for 3.6Ml making it an easy buy! 🙂

I would surely recommend this to girls who are going for their first red lipstick. It looks quite decent and isn’t “in your face”.

Much love,



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