Retro Look!!

Some relatives had come to town so it was upon my brother & I to take them sightseeing. Whenever I’ve to step out, the first thing that strikes my head is “What am I going to wear?” 😛

So I went ransacking my wardrobe, I found these palazzo pants. Palazzo are very comfortable and such a rage. I thought why not go retro! 😀 It would be a pleasant change from the regular outfits I wear. I began looking for something to go with the pants and as if God was looking upon me, I found this knot denim shirt! 🙂

The pants are monochrome so all colors would go with it perfectly, the denim shirt is sleeveless and very comfy! I didn’t accessorize at all cause it was very hot & humid that day, I carried an embellished black sling bag & wore a black watch to complete the look.

So this is how I looked! Well, I was very happy with what I put together! 🙂

Manu-Delhi 138-1

Manu-Delhi 185-1-1-1


Manu-Delhi 043-1-1Hope you liked my retro look!

Much love,

Aakanksha 🙂


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