The Brunch OOTD!!

A childhood friend had come from abroad which obviously called for a lot of catching up!! 😛 We decided to ditch the regular eateries and go for street food!

You ask a girl to meet and she gets worked up about what she’s going to wear! 😉 Well, I’m no exclusion! Hehe. Since it was quite a sunny day and we were going for a brunch, I decided to go for a vibrant look.

Floral prints are a craze this season! They are a must in every girl’s closet. Floral shirt, top, dress or even trousers, one can play around with them & yet be that stylish chic! 😉

My mom had gifted me this floral dress on my birthday & I love it for its print and perfect fit!! Denim is in vogue these days, making it a conspicuous choice for me to put on my denim shirt! I wore it like a jacket since it went alongwith the dress. We were to roam a lot so I decided on put on brougues that I recently purchased from Westside. 🙂

4-11-2014 016-1-1-1_2


4-11-2014 005-1

A laid back look but just perfect for the day! 🙂 What do you say?

Much love,

Aakanksha 🙂


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