Formally Casual!

By now, I guess most of you know that I am a fashion addict. Even when I go to office, my head works overtime as to how to make a statement in formals! I read somewhere that Life is too short to wear boring clothes & I completely abide by it! 😛

I had a meeting on the weekend. I had to meet clients & explain my strategies to help them expand their business. Now when you have a business meeting, you’ve to wear formal clothes. A crisp white & black trousers/denims can never go wrong so I decided to stick to them.

I’m in awe of the gorgeous trousers from Vero Moda! Ever since I started working, I prefer wearing trousers to denims & let me tell you, I found them far better than denims! Very comfortable yet so chic & stylish! Vero Moda has a wide range of trousers to choose from! I’ve already bought three pairs of trousers from them & I intend to buy more! 😛

Coming back to the topic, I wore a white shirt & black trousers with slip ons from Forever 21! The slip ons are my current fav & I just adore them. I had to make a call to almost every mall in the city to get these & I can’t get enough of them. Will be blogging about them soon! 😉

So this is how I looked for my meeting. All geared up to blow my clients’ minds & needless to say they were very impressed with my presentation & signed a deal with us! 😀




So this is how I dressed formally casual! 😛


Aakanksha 🙂


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