Nail-ed it!!

I’m a big time Lakme girl when it comes to cosmetics. I don’t know why even when I go with a made-up mind to a cosmetic showroom I always end up at the Lakme corner!! 😛 Ever since I was allowed to use make-up ( yes, my mum didn’t let me use it until I was 15! :-D) I have always bought Lakme products. Also, they suit my skin well as I’ve super sensitive skin & I get rashes or allergies if the beauty product doesn’t suit me! 😦

Lakme has a wide range of beauty products! Be it lipsticks, kohls, lip-balms, nail paints, creams, you name it, these guys have it!! So when I wanted to buy a new nail color, Lakme happened to be my obvious choice! 😉

I have used their Red nail color & was quite happy with it. You can read about it here. But now was the time to shift my focus from red!! Red is my fav color & I tend to be pulled in the direction whenever I find something red, shirts, dresses, pants, my last few blogs would add to me addiction to RED!! 😀

Anyway, I wanted a nail color that would look good on my nails & wouldn’t be too much in your face. I shy away from nail paints that are too flashy. When I was at their store, my eyes fell on this bottle of nail paint & I knew I wanted it. Somehow I knew it would be a good shift from red even while sticking to the addiction of Red! 🙂

It’s from their range of Lakme Truewear Color Crush Collection & the shade is 58. ❤ I’m totally in love with their Truewear collection!


IMG_20150128_121804I have to say I’m quite happy with my choice! 🙂

Hope you liked it too!


Aakanksha 🙂



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