Cause I’m a phoenix!!


Everyday I come across so many women writing some amazing blogs about fashion, travel and life. It’s such a pleasure to read them & know their stories. Some are amazing, witty & some are exceptionally inspiring. Women rising & coming out of the closet is such a wonderful thing. So I thought to myself why not write about the amazing women I know.

I come from a lineage of strong, independent, confident & empowered women. My maternal great-grandmother became a widow at a tender age but she was determined never to let this come in the way of her life. She became the head of a temple in Kanpur where she would take care of her daughter and also manage the daily chores of the temple. She was a very strong woman who, even in those days, stood on her feet. Her daughter & my maternal grandmom (naani) was a very simple woman, she took care of her entire family & never compromised on anything. She raised her three kids into mature & independent adults who knew the difference between right & wrong. My naani was very impartial, if she allowed my uncles to do something, the same was permissible for my mom. Naani managed the whole house perfectly & never left a chance for any complaint. There were times when people pushed her to marry off my mother but she didn’t let the pressure in. Today, she’s no more but everyone who knew her has just fond memories of her.

My mother is the strongest woman on this planet! No, I’m not saying this for the heck of it, I mean it from the core of my heart. My mom has invariably been a go-getter throughout her life. She started writing when she was 16 & someone read her write-ups and liked them so much that he published them. After that till her marriage, mom’s articles were published in local magazines in Lucknow. People would write appreciation mails to her & she would always oblige them with letters & thank you notes. Mom was a senior under-officer in National Cadet Corps & would always bag awards & shields. Despite being the basket ball captain of her school, she never compromised on her studies. She was enticed by media & journalists immensely so she became one unfortunately after marriage she had to leave her job as she had to relocate. After my brother & I were old enough to take care of ourselves, mom began working again, this time as a teacher. Soon she paved her way to become the Vice-Principle (mind you she doesn’t have a B. Ed degree which is absolutely necessary to become a teacher so reaching this position was all because of her hard work & perseverance) but she managed her house & school flawlessly. For work dad wasn’t in town for 6 years & she raised us all alone. But as luck would have it, mom became very sick & had to leave her job. There were times when she would be admitted in ICU for days & I would dread thinking what if she never came back home. I have spent days thinking that I might lose her & that fear would get to me but being the daughter of a fighter, I never showed my fright and anxiety to anyone. After years of struggle my SUPER MOM fought the battle & sailed through the tides. She is perfectly fine today apart from the regular check ups she has to go to. Now she is gone back to the good old days of writing is currently a freelance writer & blogger. Her articles & short stories have been published in coveted magazines. 🙂

These women are the epitome of grace, compassion, love, determination & courage. Whenever I feel like my world is crashing or that I can’t take it anymore, I remind myself that I’ve to carry forward the legacy, I’ve to be the woman my family raised me to be, the woman everyone admires, the woman who is a PHOENIX like her mother.

I’ve been raised to be a person who is strong & empowered but who also carries immense love in her heart & knows how to spread it around. Unlike the stereotypical notion of being tough from outside, my mom has taught me to have a soft exterior & to be rock solid from within so that nothing in the world can break my spirit. She knows exactly when I need a hug & when a kick on the butt. 😛 She has taught me to let of the bad & hold on to the good. I’ve never had a fight with anyone till now, I don’t scream at people, that’s not me. I know how to deal with a situation my way & snap out of it. I have no place for negative, conniving, deceitful, sadistic people in my life.

Every single woman according to me is an inspiration. All of us fight battles daily,  we win some we lose some but every single day, we rise & gear up for the next struggle & give our best shot!

I will fall down & at the battle end I’ll be torn, the scars & bruises would leave me worn.

But I have the strength to endure the pain, I’m a PHOENIX, from the ashes I shall rise again!


Aakanksha 🙂


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