Victoria’s Secret Body Mist!!💞

A good perfume or a deodorant is a must in every girl’s bag! I guess you all would agree with me. I can’t do without it. In this part of the country, it gets scorchingly hot and a perfume becomes a must cause according to me, one should smell good at all times. 😝

I tend to experiment with cosmetics, hair-care, perfumes. Whenever a new store opens, I head there and try every new thing on the rack. A month back I was looking for a good perfume with an amazing fragnance but sadly couldn’t find something astounding. This is cause I get too carried away with the concept of buying the best. 😫

While speaking to one of my friends on the phone, topic of body mist came up. He told me to he’d gift me one as a friend of his friend purchased one and she loved it. I was more than happy to receive a body mist as a gift 😜 but when he told me that he’d be buying it online, I took a step back. Though I’m a compulsive online shopper but when it comes to cosmetics, I keep a distance cause once someone told me that they fiddle with the stuff and dilute it. I don’t know how much of that is true but I thought better to be safe than sorry. My friend let of my worries so I did.

A week later my package from Nykaa arrived. 😁Whenever my order is delivered I behave like a kid who just got a new toy. 😛 When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised as my friend had sent me Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love White Cotton and Pink Lily. Beaming with joy, I opened the bottle and boy was I in love! ☺A beautiful bottle and incredible fragnance made me slip into a trance. 😋 I was quite happy with it and a lot of my friends have asked me about it. So I thought why not blog about it?


First things first, a body mist is different from a perfume in more ways than one.

  • A body mist has a much lighter scent than a perfume cause as the name suggests a body mist is meant to just be a mist – not something that is heavy and weighs you down. It’s meant to be light and airy.
  • A body mist is comparatively inexpensive. The Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love White Cotton and Pink Lily was priced at INR 1499  for 250ml at the time of purchase but right now it’s on sale and can be bought for just INR 989 from
  • The reason for the light scent is water addition. There is a lot more water in body mists and that is one of the reasons why the scents are not nearly as strong. So be ready for this setback when you buy it. You need to keep re-applying it every 4-5hours.
  • Another thing that you need to remember is that body mist contains more alcohol than a perfume and that’s probably the reason you get a decent amount of alcohol scent when you spray on the body mist. Just like alcohol the spray evaporates quickly which is why the scent evaporates quicker as well!

Now that you know the difference let me tell you how to apply a body mist. Like most women, I used to think that spraying the body mist or perfume on the skin helps it to stay stronger but that’s only true if you prepare your skin well. How does one prepare their skin? It’s not rocket science my lovelies, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

  • Take a shower prior to application of the body-mist.
  • Dry yourself with a clean towel to wipe off the excess water.
  • After shower, our pores are open so they readily absorb the mist in the body retaining the fragrance longer.
  • Look for either scented or unscented lotion with similar smell to the body mist that you are intending to apply.
  • Spread it generously across the surface where you are intending to apply the mist on; particularly paying exceptional concentration on the pulse points such as the wrists, throat, behind your knees and inside the elbows.


See how simple it is but we tend to overlook it due to lack of time. 😎 Don’t we?

Well, I’m quite happy with my body mist. Hope you all liked reading the blog. Do tell me about your favorite perfumes/body-mists.


Aakanksha 😊


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