Hi everyone,

How are you? I’m extremely sorry for being MIA. I had to shift to client location and that took time to settle. 😐 Well, the new office is great, I love it, more so cause it happens to be a fashion photographer’s studio. Surrounded by models, funky garments, make-up artists amidst the photoshoot feels like a dream come true. Lord couldn’t be more gracious to me. ☺

Coming back to the blog. God! I missed saying this line. I’m addicted to blogging and it just gives me immense happiness. 💖

Over the weekend, I went for a much-deserved lunch date with my friends to this place – Indijoe. Ever since we came back we can’t stop raving about it and can’t wait to go back there again. The place has a complete American vibe to it. The food, decor, lighting were impeccable. Spacious seating area with an astounding with peppy dance number is totally my kind of place. 💃



The place has two kinds of menus according to your choice – à la carte and buffet. We went for the buffet lunch. The vegetarian starters included honey chilli potato and paneer tikka (unfortunately we ate everything before I realized that I had forgotten to click pictures of the appetizers) and the non veg starters included chicken tikka. We were so full after eating the appetizers that we had no place for the main course. Still, we were up for the challenge (Indians love food so no way were we going to skip eating some delectable dishes). I took a helping of pasta, mushroom soup (which is my fav) and breads to go along with it. They make the pasta infront of you, according to your preference, I totally loved this thing cause I like my pasta to be made in a certain way and the chef adhered to my choice. The food was appealing to the eyes and scrumptious. We ate to our heart’s fill (our stomachs were compelling us to stop gulping down more). As soon as our eyes fell on the desserts, we felt as if we had descended to heaven. God those mouth watering sweets! Sinful indulgence was coined for them! God bless the baker. Hehe. The chocolate fountain had me bowled over it. Meal for 6 cost us INR 3500 (weekend charges are more) and let me tell you, for that quality and quantity of food, it was worth it! 😸

IMG_20150711_145331 (1)


The staff was extremely nice, we kept bothering them to click pics and they obliged us everytime.



Thumbs up to this place. I’ll definitely be visiting this place often!


Aakanksha 🙂


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