So what do you do when someone says beach? (Apart from the jumping crazily and getting excited for the adventure) Well a person like me first looks at the mirror and wonders what would I wear! 😍

So when my friends and I started planning for a trip, I was happier, than the others, for it! 😜 I’ve been working out in the gym regularly for the past couple of months and I’m quite happy with the results. So what’s a better place than a beach to show off your bod. Hehe. I know, sounds weird. 😂

While looking for some swim suits and cover ups online, I came across Adore Me. It would perhaps be an understatement if I say that their collection threw me off the chair! From monokinis to bikinis, cover ups, monochromes, nauticals, you name it these guys have it.

I was quick to mail them about their impeccable collection and these people obliged me by sending some pieces across. Well since the company is based is New York, U.S.A, the shipment will take time to be delivered but I just couldn’t wait to blog about it.

The company was sweet enough and understood my excitement and sent pictures of swimwear across so that I could write about it. :mrgreen:



So this is a sexy monokini which has a strings to tie at the back. This piece just blew me away! Its uber sexy, classy and chic all at the same time! The detailing in front made me go ga-ga! 💜


I’m nothing if not a monochrome fan! This bikini just beautifies the monochrome and nautical trend to the T. Wear this to the beach and you’ll surely make some heads turn! I totally fell in love with it. 💗



Cover ups are as important to me as is my swimsuit. This cover is super trendy and perfectly in accordance with the fashion this summer. Tie and dye prints are here to rule so my choice to buy made my friends jealous and asking for the same one. Ain’t I lucky! 😄


This next cover up had me at the picture itself! I mean fringes in a cover up! Who wouldn’t want that!!! I know I would. 🙋

Adore me has everything you need! One stop shop for all the swimming costumes. I’m sure everyone can something according to their taste. I’m in awe of these people. I couldn’t agree more with their name, I mean ever since I saw their pictures I’ve done nothing but adore them.

Well, someone’s going to have a blast at the beach party with friends. Any guesses who that lucky girl is (ME ME ME) Hehe.

Thanks Kate for all the help you provided. This blog wouldn’t have been possible without you.💕

Aakanksha ☺


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