The Nautical Way!!

Nauticals have been in the fashion scene for quite some time now. Nautical maxis, nautical skirts, shirts, swimwear were all trending the fashion charts. For those of you, who aren’t familiar with the term, Nauticals are horizontal stripes on a piece of clothing. They were actually inspired from the sailors’ attire.
Nautical stripes are very stylish and look great on every frame if worn correctly. Technically horizontal stripes add a few kgs and vertical stripes make you look leaner so its very important that people with broad frame should watch how they wear their nautical dresses. 🙂
I’ve always been in awe of the print ever since I saw it in mall! 😍 I was just looking to lay my hands on the perfect dress or skirt for me. After many trips to the mall, I finally found this amazing black nautical slit skirt from FabAlley. FabAlley has this wide range of skirts that you can’t help but buy more than one. The friend who accompanied me bought a beautiful polka slit skirt. No prizes for guessing, we both can’t stop flaunting our skirts! Hehe 😁
I had to meet a friend who I hadn’t met in ages. I love meeting and hanging out with friends cause it gives me an opportunity to dress up and who doesn’t like to dress up (leaving out a few exceptions)! Haha 😝

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Blog 2

Blog 4

Please ignore the hyperextension of the elbows. 😂

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Blog 6

Outfit Details:

Skirt: FabAlley; Top: Pantaloons & Brogues: Clarks.

Nauticals are fun and cool prints. You never have to give much thought to them. A nautical dress works quite well both for a brunch date and a office dinner party. I had opted to go for a very relaxed look sans any drama. The outfit is fun, comfortable and stylish effortless and that’s what I had intended to go for.

Have you bought any nautical prints yet? Do tell me about it!





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