Enroute Gangtok!!

If you have been following my blog, you’d know that we recently went on a trip to north east. I’ve already blogged about the first two days of the enthralling journey, if you haven’t read them yet and wish to participate in my adventure, here are the links of the blogs! (Day 1 & Day 2)

The next day we were to go on road journey from Darjeeling to Gangtok. My family truly believes that the journey is always better than the destination so it was a given that we would have a lot of stop overs enroute Gangtok! 🙂

After hogging on a resplendent breakfast, we went all set to enjoy our escapade. 😀



I was totally mesmerized by the views on both the sides of the road, the dense coniferous forests, the weather were all so bewitching! It felt as if a fairytale had come to life. I had never seen a place so magical in my life, the only thing missing was a prince on a white horse to sweep me off my feet! Hehe. If only all wishes came true! 😂😆😍

P.S. Mom Dad if you are reading this and think that this is where I’ll say that this is my dash of humor, trust me, I seriously wanted the prince to come! Hmmphh.😠

After a few miles, when I looked to the right side, my jaw dropped and I quickly asked the driver to pull the car! My brother and I ran literally sprinted off inside this park which looked like a mystical forest. Lamahatta, as the place is popularly known, is located 23 kms from Darjeeling! A picturesque mountain village situated 5400 feet above sea-level, it is surrounded on all sides by pine forests and gardens with panoramic views of Mt. Kanchenjungha. It is an ideal place for those who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy natural solitude, with its various beautiful species of flowers carpeting the landscape and the surrounding gardens.:)




Trust me when I say that none of the pics taken do any justice to the beauty of the place.



Tall towers, flowers everywhere, gigantic trees and oh the clouds!! I recalled the scenes of the movie, Tangled! Yes, that’s an animated movie and yes I have watched hundred it numerous times! I even climbed on one of the towers and pretended to be Rapunzel with my shoulder length hair. Don’t laugh, a girl can live her fable if she wants to! Hehe 👸


After spending over an hour, we were back on track. Our driver told us there would be beautiful tea gardens on the way and he’d stop at one.


We couldn’t see a tea garden in Darjeeling unfortunately as we had limited time and loads to see. Except for my mum, none of us really felt grim to not being able to see a tea garden, so at the mention of tea gardens, you can guess who was the most excited! The tea gardens were truly a treat to the eyes, mum posed like a little girl infront of the tea gardens. 👧



We thought we were pretty much done for the day when we saw the milestone which read that we were hardly a few miles away from Gangtok! Just when I was about to close my eyes for a while, my brother screamed “River Rafting”! We weren’t able to raft in Manali due to an accident that had taken place that time. So we thought that River rafting would have been the best end to the road journey and we asked our parents if we could go for it. My parents’ exact words were “What do you mean that you want to go for it, what about us!!” Haha, my family is always up for adventures. 👪


All geared up with the safety suits, we were ready to tick river rafting off of our bucket list. I just love being near water, be it boating, swimming, or just sitting near a beach gazing into the Sun so I was really enthusiastic! Boy, was it extraordinary or what! Water splashing all over us got back the kids in us. Laughing like maniacs and clicking pics, I’m sure the instructor thought we were crazy, but who cares, we were having the time of our lives! 💞🎉🎊



Completely drenched and shivering, we got back in the car and were ready to head straight to Gangtok. I still remember no one spoke a word for the rest of the journey. We were just too caught up basking in the adventures, the ones we experienced and the ones we were about to come our way!

Keep watching this space if you want to know how our first day in Gangtok went!

Hope you’re excited to read all about it!




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