Sneaker Fever!👟👟

This year sneakers have been a big hit. From skirts to denims, from dresses to overalls and maxi dresses, sneakers can be paired with anything and everything. So when everyone is following the trend, why would I have stayed behind 😁

Ever since I bought these adidas beauts, we’ve been inseparable. Though I don’t prefer buying white shoes but these were love at first sight. 🙈 Hehe. So when my cousins and I made a back to back movie plan for Saturday and Sunday , I knew I had to take these babies for an outing. Needless to say they didn’t disappoint me.❤

I combined a lot of trends like tie and dye, fringe, nauticals, batman, bucket bag in both the looks yet kept my comfort on top priority. These adidas superstars complimented my outfits to the T! 😍



OOTD details

Tie and dye top & Batman top: Sarojini Nagar

Faux leather skirt, bucket bag & nautical skirt: Forever 21

Fringe bag: H & M

Hope you liked reading the blog. If you’ve white sneakers, get up and create cool looks and don’t forget to tell me about it.😎


Aakanksha 😘 

My Fav Look Books!

While looking for mother’s day gifts, I came across Social Print Studio. I was thrown off my chair looking at their awesome ideas for gifts which were so different from what I had earlier seen. I was so inspired by lookbooks, that I decided to create a lookbook of all my favorite looks. With their custom photo books it is a great way to bring all your digital favorites at one place. Having something in physical form is a nice thing to have, isn’t it?

I was super excited and my mind started running in every direction about which looks should I include in the blog. You can obviously understand how difficult it is for a fashion addict to choose her fav looks! Haha 😎

I thought to talk about a look of each kind, like one from ethnic, one from work and so on.

  1. The Travel Look Book

I recently went on for a trip with my family, needless to say I had packed my most comfortable clothes without compromising on the fashion front. All the outfits that I wore were casual and cool at the same time. The outfit that I’m going to feature int he blog is one of the most stylish one. Since the north east part of India was super cold at time I visited, I thought of layering my clothes instead of wearing a thick trench coat or hoodie. I wore a denim shirt dress with stockings and to keep the cold at bay threw in a chic black blazer, grey woolen cap and a grey stoll. I intentionally choose dark colors to keep myslef from falling sick. This is how I looked, the overall look was quite comfy and yet I managed to up the style quotient!💁




2. The Brunch Date Look

My friends and I get together a lot, and like any other girl I start thinking about the outfit that I’m going to wear once the plan is finalized. The look I put together here is a summery one. I try not to wear jeans and pants when going out to chill, since that’s what I usually wear to office. This particular plan was made to ditch the mall and meet somewhere outdoors, so the outfit demanded to be a little loose fitting. A long slit skirt is probably one fashion item that every girl swears by in the hot weather, so I circled it out on a yellow printed skirt. I paired it with a sleeveless loose black top and a pair of gladiators completed the look.

Maxi Skirt 2

Maxi Skirt 1

3. The Party Look

Party calls out for our most fashionable outfit, doesn’t it? When I had bought this dress I couldn’t believe my luck that I had scored on such a trendy maxi. Plaids on a maxi, that too in my favorite color, I must be God’s favorite child I guess! Haha. Its a simple yet elegant maxi which doesn’t require a lot of styling, as the dress basically speaks for itself. I wore it to my cousin’s birthday and all I had to do was pair it with the classic black pumps to get a sophisticated look!



4. The Festival Look!!

India is a land of festivals, we love to celebrate our festivals with pomp and show! So when the biggest festival, Diwali, was drawing near, an elegant ethnic outfit had to be put together. I was bored with the lehenga which we love to wear at almost all functions so I decided to wear an evergreen saree. I got a gold blouse stitched and wore it with my mum’s red saree which I chose after ransacking her entire wardrobe! Hehe. Guess that’s my birthright to have a sense of ownership over her clothes! With a few gold pieces to match with my outfit, I was all set to rock the festivities! IMG_20151111_214140_211

5. The Office Look

Now how can my favorite look books be over without the classic white and black combination! I prefer trousers over jeans any given day as they are more comfortable and let the body breathe. So when I had to attend an office meeting, I knew what I wanted to wear to cast an impression, a crisp white shirt, black trousers and skater shoes were the answer! Stylish yet so comfortable that you can go day to night in it.



I hope you loved reading my blog and liked the looks I put together. These were my top 5 look books till date, though it was really difficult to compile just 5 cause I put in a lot of thought into what I wear for specific occasions! Girls just love dressing up, don’t we?

Happy Reading!!







Quirking up the Red Dress!!

Those of you who follow my blogs, know that Red happens to be my favorite color. I practically have Red in every possible piece of clothing, be it a dress or shirt! Hehe. My mom scolds me for my obsession for Red! Legend says (in this case Legend refers to mommy dearest 😝) when I was around 2, she took me to a shoe store and I picked up red bellies from there which weren’t even my size ( this also gave rise to another obsession of mine, SHOES) !! Yes, I’ve always been this crazy!😂

I picked this dress from Sarojini Nagar for just 500 INR! I consider it a steal cause it is so graceful and stylish at the same time. I’m irrevocably in love with it.💜

I’ve always worn it with heels or delicate flats for dinner or parties, this time around I decided to wear it differently.

Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 3

I paired my little red dress with denim shirt and a pair of slip ons as I was aiming for something casual without compromising on the style quotient. I wore my fav pair of Ray Ban Aviators. I was beaming with joy when I saw myself in the mirror cause it was exactly how I wanted it to look.:)

Outfit Details: Red Dress : Sarojini Nagar, Denim Shirt: Only & Slip Ons (Both Gold and Black) : Forever 21

I recently got a bob cut and I love playing experimenting with it by wearing all kinds of dresses and shorts. My friends certainly loved this look and few of them said I looked RED HOT! Well, ain’t that music to the ears! Hehe. 😋

Hope you guys have a rocking week ahead.


Aakanksha 💜

The Nautical Way!!

Nauticals have been in the fashion scene for quite some time now. Nautical maxis, nautical skirts, shirts, swimwear were all trending the fashion charts. For those of you, who aren’t familiar with the term, Nauticals are horizontal stripes on a piece of clothing. They were actually inspired from the sailors’ attire.
Nautical stripes are very stylish and look great on every frame if worn correctly. Technically horizontal stripes add a few kgs and vertical stripes make you look leaner so its very important that people with broad frame should watch how they wear their nautical dresses. 🙂
I’ve always been in awe of the print ever since I saw it in mall! 😍 I was just looking to lay my hands on the perfect dress or skirt for me. After many trips to the mall, I finally found this amazing black nautical slit skirt from FabAlley. FabAlley has this wide range of skirts that you can’t help but buy more than one. The friend who accompanied me bought a beautiful polka slit skirt. No prizes for guessing, we both can’t stop flaunting our skirts! Hehe 😁
I had to meet a friend who I hadn’t met in ages. I love meeting and hanging out with friends cause it gives me an opportunity to dress up and who doesn’t like to dress up (leaving out a few exceptions)! Haha 😝

Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 4

Please ignore the hyperextension of the elbows. 😂

Blog 5

Blog 6

Outfit Details:

Skirt: FabAlley; Top: Pantaloons & Brogues: Clarks.

Nauticals are fun and cool prints. You never have to give much thought to them. A nautical dress works quite well both for a brunch date and a office dinner party. I had opted to go for a very relaxed look sans any drama. The outfit is fun, comfortable and stylish effortless and that’s what I had intended to go for.

Have you bought any nautical prints yet? Do tell me about it!





So what do you do when someone says beach? (Apart from the jumping crazily and getting excited for the adventure) Well a person like me first looks at the mirror and wonders what would I wear! 😍

So when my friends and I started planning for a trip, I was happier, than the others, for it! 😜 I’ve been working out in the gym regularly for the past couple of months and I’m quite happy with the results. So what’s a better place than a beach to show off your bod. Hehe. I know, sounds weird. 😂

While looking for some swim suits and cover ups online, I came across Adore Me. It would perhaps be an understatement if I say that their collection threw me off the chair! From monokinis to bikinis, cover ups, monochromes, nauticals, you name it these guys have it.

I was quick to mail them about their impeccable collection and these people obliged me by sending some pieces across. Well since the company is based is New York, U.S.A, the shipment will take time to be delivered but I just couldn’t wait to blog about it.

The company was sweet enough and understood my excitement and sent pictures of swimwear across so that I could write about it. :mrgreen:



So this is a sexy monokini which has a strings to tie at the back. This piece just blew me away! Its uber sexy, classy and chic all at the same time! The detailing in front made me go ga-ga! 💜


I’m nothing if not a monochrome fan! This bikini just beautifies the monochrome and nautical trend to the T. Wear this to the beach and you’ll surely make some heads turn! I totally fell in love with it. 💗



Cover ups are as important to me as is my swimsuit. This cover is super trendy and perfectly in accordance with the fashion this summer. Tie and dye prints are here to rule so my choice to buy made my friends jealous and asking for the same one. Ain’t I lucky! 😄


This next cover up had me at the picture itself! I mean fringes in a cover up! Who wouldn’t want that!!! I know I would. 🙋

Adore me has everything you need! One stop shop for all the swimming costumes. I’m sure everyone can something according to their taste. I’m in awe of these people. I couldn’t agree more with their name, I mean ever since I saw their pictures I’ve done nothing but adore them.

Well, someone’s going to have a blast at the beach party with friends. Any guesses who that lucky girl is (ME ME ME) Hehe.

Thanks Kate for all the help you provided. This blog wouldn’t have been possible without you.💕

Aakanksha ☺

Dot(ing) the Polka! 💞

Hi y’all! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. 🙂
I’m so caught up in work that my blogs have taken a backseat. So whenever I get time, I start thinking of topics to blog about.

Polka dots are timeless! Be it 70s or today’s time, everyone flaunts polka prints and they never go out of fashion. The designers keep experimenting with them and bringing them in new avatars in the fashion scene. Polka prints are fun and can be worn any given day. Polka palazzos, polka tops, polka dresses ohhhhh, all sound so music to my ears! 😁

Women’s lifestyle magazine Godey’s Lady’s Book was the first to use the term polka dot (in reference to a scarf) in its 1857 issue! And before polka dot was coined, terms like Dotted-Swiss, quiconce (a French term for the pattern on a five-side of dice), and thalertupfen (German word describing the dotted fabric that resembled the country’s currency—thaler) were used in mid-19th Century Europe. America’s love affair with the polka dot began, perhaps, in 1926, when Miss America was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit. Shortly after, in 1928, Disney introduced its cartoon darling Minnie Mouse wearing a red polka dot dress and matching bow. See I don’t just blog but impart knowledge too! Hehe. 😜

So when I got the chance to flaunt my polka dot shirt, I knew I’d want to blog about it. Hehe. 😎 I had purchased this bright red polka dot shirt (God knows when) but hardly ever wore it (again God knows why). While looking for an outfit to wear, this top caught my eye and I thought to myself why don’t I wear this to office today? Going ahead with the idea, this is how I looked.

Outfit Details: Shirt : Sarojini Nagar, Trousers : Vero Moda and Shoes : Westside

I’m in love with the Vero Moda trousers and never get enough of them. I find trousers particularly more comfortable that denims (Though I love my denims with all my heart 💁). I’m fond of these shoes a lot and I wear them a lot. Whenever I go to Westside, I definitely buy shoes cause I’m in awe of their collection. The shirt is sleeveless with a chinese collar. and can be worn with shorts for a fun outing, or with a skirt, palazzo can be paired with it too. I wasn’t in a great mood when I woke up in the morning as my shoulder hurt due to the push ups I did the previous day in gym but when I wore the shirt, I was back to be mad crazy bubbly self. Hehe. Yes, clothes affect my moods to a large extent. 💖 Does it happen with you?

Polka dots have never gone out of fashion and won’t probably ever go. Go on now girls, time to wear that polka dot dress that has been lying in your closet for ages. 😚


Aakanksha 😘


The Boho Look!💝

Hi, everyone. How have you all been?☺

So every blogger has been raving about the classic denim shirt and different ways to style it. After reading some amazing blogs I knew I had to give my denim shirt an edge. Thence began my mixing and matching to come up with a different yet classy avatar of the Denim shirt.;)

Finally, after a couple trials, I settled on this boho look and I’ve to say I was quite happy with it! Culottes are super trendy and perfect for summers. 😍I bought this pair of culottes from Global Desi. This is one brand known for its riot of colors and that’s why people fall for their clothes everytime. 💜To complete my boho look, I wore colorful wooden bangles, which I absolutely adore and are my go-to when I can’t decide my accessories. My fav black gladiators and a tan satchel completed the look. 😁

When my friends saw it, they couldn’t stop gushing about how impeccable my combination looked. I was stopped by a bunch of girls and they complimented me on my sense of styling. It feels great when total strangers stop you and flatter you with incredible compliments. Doesn’t it? 😉

So here’s my edge to the denim shirt.


IMG_20150621_182351_701 (1)

Outfit Details: Denim Shirt: Only, Culottes: Global Desi, Gladiators: Forever 21 & Aviators: Ray-Ban

Hope you all liked how I styled my denim shirt. Don’t forget to tell me about your denim stories.

Have a wonderful day!


Aakanksha 🙂