My Fav Look Books!

While looking for mother’s day gifts, I came across Social Print Studio. I was thrown off my chair looking at their awesome ideas for gifts which were so different from what I had earlier seen. I was so inspired by lookbooks, that I decided to create a lookbook of all my favorite looks. With their custom photo books it is a great way to bring all your digital favorites at one place. Having something in physical form is a nice thing to have, isn’t it?

I was super excited and my mind started running in every direction about which looks should I include in the blog. You can obviously understand how difficult it is for a fashion addict to choose her fav looks! Haha 😎

I thought to talk about a look of each kind, like one from ethnic, one from work and so on.

  1. The Travel Look Book

I recently went on for a trip with my family, needless to say I had packed my most comfortable clothes without compromising on the fashion front. All the outfits that I wore were casual and cool at the same time. The outfit that I’m going to feature int he blog is one of the most stylish one. Since the north east part of India was super cold at time I visited, I thought of layering my clothes instead of wearing a thick trench coat or hoodie. I wore a denim shirt dress with stockings and to keep the cold at bay threw in a chic black blazer, grey woolen cap and a grey stoll. I intentionally choose dark colors to keep myslef from falling sick. This is how I looked, the overall look was quite comfy and yet I managed to up the style quotient!💁




2. The Brunch Date Look

My friends and I get together a lot, and like any other girl I start thinking about the outfit that I’m going to wear once the plan is finalized. The look I put together here is a summery one. I try not to wear jeans and pants when going out to chill, since that’s what I usually wear to office. This particular plan was made to ditch the mall and meet somewhere outdoors, so the outfit demanded to be a little loose fitting. A long slit skirt is probably one fashion item that every girl swears by in the hot weather, so I circled it out on a yellow printed skirt. I paired it with a sleeveless loose black top and a pair of gladiators completed the look.

Maxi Skirt 2

Maxi Skirt 1

3. The Party Look

Party calls out for our most fashionable outfit, doesn’t it? When I had bought this dress I couldn’t believe my luck that I had scored on such a trendy maxi. Plaids on a maxi, that too in my favorite color, I must be God’s favorite child I guess! Haha. Its a simple yet elegant maxi which doesn’t require a lot of styling, as the dress basically speaks for itself. I wore it to my cousin’s birthday and all I had to do was pair it with the classic black pumps to get a sophisticated look!



4. The Festival Look!!

India is a land of festivals, we love to celebrate our festivals with pomp and show! So when the biggest festival, Diwali, was drawing near, an elegant ethnic outfit had to be put together. I was bored with the lehenga which we love to wear at almost all functions so I decided to wear an evergreen saree. I got a gold blouse stitched and wore it with my mum’s red saree which I chose after ransacking her entire wardrobe! Hehe. Guess that’s my birthright to have a sense of ownership over her clothes! With a few gold pieces to match with my outfit, I was all set to rock the festivities! IMG_20151111_214140_211

5. The Office Look

Now how can my favorite look books be over without the classic white and black combination! I prefer trousers over jeans any given day as they are more comfortable and let the body breathe. So when I had to attend an office meeting, I knew what I wanted to wear to cast an impression, a crisp white shirt, black trousers and skater shoes were the answer! Stylish yet so comfortable that you can go day to night in it.



I hope you loved reading my blog and liked the looks I put together. These were my top 5 look books till date, though it was really difficult to compile just 5 cause I put in a lot of thought into what I wear for specific occasions! Girls just love dressing up, don’t we?

Happy Reading!!








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