Sneaker Fever!👟👟

This year sneakers have been a big hit. From skirts to denims, from dresses to overalls and maxi dresses, sneakers can be paired with anything and everything. So when everyone is following the trend, why would I have stayed behind 😁

Ever since I bought these adidas beauts, we’ve been inseparable. Though I don’t prefer buying white shoes but these were love at first sight. 🙈 Hehe. So when my cousins and I made a back to back movie plan for Saturday and Sunday , I knew I had to take these babies for an outing. Needless to say they didn’t disappoint me.❤

I combined a lot of trends like tie and dye, fringe, nauticals, batman, bucket bag in both the looks yet kept my comfort on top priority. These adidas superstars complimented my outfits to the T! 😍



OOTD details

Tie and dye top & Batman top: Sarojini Nagar

Faux leather skirt, bucket bag & nautical skirt: Forever 21

Fringe bag: H & M

Hope you liked reading the blog. If you’ve white sneakers, get up and create cool looks and don’t forget to tell me about it.😎


Aakanksha 😘 


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